Sunday, November 22

A loss

Sadly, I lost all of my pictures from September.  We were very busy!  Lots of soccer games, lots of cross country meets, loads of school.  A big adjustment from our lazy summer.  But fun!
 Before I knew it, it was mudder time again!  This time we headed to Pennsylvania.  
 Have to admit that this was not my favorite.  It was terribly cold.  As in too cold to move.  All I wanted to do from about half way in, was be done to get warm.  I refused to get wet which is wy half of us were super muddy at the end.  We were shivering and huddling together for body warmth.  Was awful!  Never again, will I do a cold mudder!  
There were some highlights.  I love my team and it was so fun to see them again!  Fantastic people!  Great area.  Beautiful with the fall colors!  But way too cold.  Never again!

Even more beach fun!


We came back from the beach and immediately the kids were back in school.  Emilie is in 7th, Madison is in 5th, and Tim is in 3rd.  Madi and Em are now in the same school and Tim is all alone at the elementary school.  They were super excited to go off for their first day! 

Saturday, November 14


 Pictures were a bit tricky this year.  No one wanted to wait for good light.  Kids were uncooperative. It was super windy so hair is everywhere.  There were no perfect pictures.  But here are some of my favorites anyway:)

 More accurate of what was going on.

 Ce and Scott are the best!!!!

 So enjoying pictures  LOL!

Water fun

Loved the beach

 Weather was perfect.  Water was warm.  And so peaceful sitting by the ocean.


 so many selfies!  So hard to please everyone!

Fun fun fun!

Lots of games!