Sunday, July 19


They just keep getting better.  I may be addicted:)


I used to volunteer in Tim's class all of the time.  But with subbing and coaching, I was not in there very much.  So he asked me to come in a few days and I did.  It was fun.  I read stories, helped with math, and played around.  Was a good time.  And most importantly-it made Timmy happy:)


 And Tim's soccer games continued.  Seemed as the season went on that none of the other boys would play goalie.  Tim loves playing goalie so he did not mind.  But I did!  It is stressful being the parent of a goalie.  Not only that, but it can get boring not playing on the field and just standing there.  Next season, I am hoping he will be on the field more.
And look at this beauty!  


this girl is super talented!

Goodbyes are hard

 Dawn was supposed to be gone before school got out.  But it kept getting later and later.  I was happy that the girls had a bit more time together.
 As they were doing the final loading of the car, these girls were getting so emotional.  So sad.  They had a club called Epic Meow Swag and were known all over the school.

They were getting so serious so we had them act silly.But the moment came when they had to say goodbye.  They just held each other and were crying.  It was heartbreaking to watch.  When they finally did get in the car, the girls ran after the car for a good half a mile before they could not go on any longer.  

The boys were much less emotional.  Said goodbye and were outside playing again as if nothing much had happened.  Leaving friends is such a hard part of this lifestyle.  *sigh*


 Dawn has been my crossfit buddy for a long time.  She came in for one last WOD.  It was bittersweet.
 I feel like this lady has become part of my soul and I did not want to see her move to Japan.
In fact, all day, I tried to avoid saying goodbye.  But she dropped off some cleaning supplies, then needed my vacuum.  Then it was something else.  I can't believe that she has moved.  Everyday for a year, she has been by my side.  We have helped each other through some really dark moments.  She has been gone for five weeks and overtime I walk past her house, I am crushed.  Dawn is a special lady.  I am happy that I was able to keep her close for the last year.  I will love, love, love her always!

White Horse Tavern

For Dawn and Dylan's last night in town, the quad went out to dinner at the White House Tavern.  Dylan had never been and so we left the kids behind and took the water taxi and left!
 And we were pretty fancy:)
Was a night of firsts.  Had my first raw oyster-was not bad.  Had some kind of Italian wine-also not bad.  Was an $800 bill-another first. 

While waiting for the water taxi, we did a mini=photo shoot while the men went to have one last drink.  Poor guys-as soon as they got the drinks, the taxi pulled up.  So they downed everything super fast and raced outside!
 I adore these women.  It has been an unbelievably amazing year with them.  I will treasure this rare time that I was able to have such wonderful friends.  They are definitly keepers for life!


 Love our impromptu BBQs.  Was even nicer to have Garrett do the grilling for once!
 Shana is a keeper!  So glad she did not leave me this summer!
 Photo bomb?
Dylan was so funny.  Really going to miss him!

Post Race

 Although we were a team of six, it kind of felt like four.  Loved racing with them!
 Can't get enough of this lady!  Dawn is the best!
And of course the obligatory sunburn shot.  One day I will remember to put it on!  Doing another mudder in October.  Can't wait!


 This mudder was a lot more difficult.  The entire race was going up and down a mountain!  They told me before we went that we would be walking most of the race.  I scoffed and laughed at them-surely I was tougher than that!  But no, no I was not.  That mountain was way too steep to run.  Even walking it proved to be a challenge!  Maybe because we went up and down ten times!
 Once again, I beat the funky monkey!  No water for me!  And good thing-because it was cold!
I was going to skip the arctic enema but decided to tough it out.  And once again it was so cold!  Freezing!  At least they had us go up the mountain again right after to warm up.  In fact, we had to walk the plunge and jump fifteen feet into ice cold water after this one.  Both of these were near the end of the race and I was shivering for the rest of the race.  Just could not warm up.  But it was so worth it!  Had a fantastic time!