Tuesday, December 23

Art show

Madison was invited to the Newport Yacht club to see her artwork on display.  She was chosen from her school and won a first place ribbon!

As we were walking around, Emilie stopped dead.  She found her artwork with another student's name on it.  She immediately found a teacher and reported that her artwork had been stolen and politely demanded that her name be placed on the drawing.  I was surprised at how aggressive she was but proud that she took care of it so quickly.  My girl will fight for what is hers and I loved watching it!  Was very proud of both of my girls!

Force Christmas party

We also went to my crossfit Christmas party.  Was so nice to see everyone dressed up and clean!

Love my Elissa;)
Phil with me and my crazy eyes!
I don't even know what that was about but it does remind me of just how hungry I was that night.  Starving!
More of the members.  Have to say that these people are very dear to me:)  So happy I am a part of this crossfit family!

Quad Christmas party

We had a quad Christmas party.  The kids all exchanged gifts. 

They were so excited to open them!
And off they went!  Very happy kiddos!  Love that the kids like each other as much as the adults. 
Then it was time for the white elephant exchange for the adults.  We played Scattegories to get our picking order. As usual Terry won and I was a close second. 
It was  really fun!  I was sad that these aprons were stolen from me though:) 

Sweet Kailey

Kailey had some annual shots down so the kids cuddled her up in her bed.  Such a sweetie!

Holiday ball

The last ball of the season was the Holiday Ball held at the mansion Rosecliff. 

I think it was my favorite ball by far because we knew so many there and it was my best dress:)
We took so many pictures and I really didn't like any of them:(
They had a beautiful backdrop for pictures on the formal staircase!
And my friends!  Don't we look all fancy:)

We danced and danced!  Such a fun group! 
Betsy went all out moonwalking with the band!  She is so much fun!
After the ball, we went downtown to meet up with Shana and Garrett.  They had a live band and we jumped right into the action!
Such a fabulous night!

Madi on the ropes

Madi had an early morning doctor's appointment and I was coaching that morning.  So Terry brought her to me and we had a bit of time to kill.  To pass it, Madi climbed the ropes.  Not bad!

Black Friday shopping

After dessert at Shana's, the ladies wanted to go Black Friday shopping.  The stores opened at six on Thanksgiving.  After A LOT of convincing, I left with them for Warwick. 

After driving to Warwick and finding nothing open, we googled and learned that there is a law in Rhode Island that prohibits Black Friday shopping until midnight. So our trip was for nothing! But it did start snowing so it was at least pretty:)


We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with the quad.  We decided a pot luck would be best and since we hosted, I cooked the turkey.  Came out pretty good I thought:)

I had told Betsy that Terry needed to have corn on the cob and she had trouble finding some.  So instead as a joke, she brought over little tiny corns.  The joke went over well!
Trying to get a group shot was tricky!
No one would listen!
Table shots were easier:)  The girls' table. 
The boys.  And they were so good-cleaned up after themselves and everything!
The big kid table!
How I love this group!

Sunday, December 14

Filthy 50

I really wanted to get in some kind of fun Thanksgiving workout before we ate.  I convinced Paul, Betsy, Terry, Dawn, and Garrett to join me in the Filthy 50!

We had fifty reps of ten different exercises to do.  It was a good workout!
We all worked hard and earned that turkey dinner!

Turkey Eve

One of my fondest memories for any holiday growing up, was prepping the food the night before.  This year, Emilie really got into it with me and I loved having her help!  It was so nice to have a buddy with me in the kitchen.  I hope that this is the first of many to come where she helps me cook!