Sunday, December 14

Filthy 50

I really wanted to get in some kind of fun Thanksgiving workout before we ate.  I convinced Paul, Betsy, Terry, Dawn, and Garrett to join me in the Filthy 50!

We had fifty reps of ten different exercises to do.  It was a good workout!
We all worked hard and earned that turkey dinner!

Turkey Eve

One of my fondest memories for any holiday growing up, was prepping the food the night before.  This year, Emilie really got into it with me and I loved having her help!  It was so nice to have a buddy with me in the kitchen.  I hope that this is the first of many to come where she helps me cook!

Student of the month

Madison was the student of the month for November with the theme of gratitude.  Madi is such a kind girl and really goes out of her way to help others at school.  So proud of her!

Turkey throw down

Many people at my crossfit box signed up to do a competition for Thanksgiving.  I still am a bit gun shy about those so instead I signed up to judge it.

I was afraid to no rep people in the first few heats.  You see them working so hard and it is demoralizing to be no repped.  But in the end I hit my stride and began giving them out.  It was a lot of fun!
I ended up judging many from my box which was fun.  Except that there are loads of pictures floating around with my backside!
I was given a free t-shirt and lunch for volunteering.  It was so fun!
Here is group photo of everyone from my box who went.  At least I think we got everyone.  Our women's team consisting of our coaches Renee and Jean took first place and our owner/coach Mark and coach Mark took third for the men.  Pretty impressive!  Great people!

Dave & Busters

It is the month of birthdays at the Fort.  We decided to help Shana and Garrett chaperone Kayleigh's birthday party and joined them at Dave & Busters.

Everyone had a blast!

Spartan race

Phil and I signed up a while ago to do a Spartan race at Fenway.  So we went in freezing cold weather!  Think it was in the low thirties.  Luckily, once we got moving it felt warmer.

Our start time was a while away, so we took off our bracelets, feigned that we lost them, and snuck into an earlier heat.  I am glad that we did.  And we crushed it!  The race was just like a long although not very difficult crossfit WOD.  They had slam balls, burpees, push ups, rope climbs, and box jumps to name a few.
Phil and I flew through the course!
And just like that we were finished!  It was a fun morning.  But as far as races go, I thought it was pretty easy.  I prefer the Mudders to this.  Although, I was glad that there were not any water obstacles!  It was too cold for that!  

Lunch date

Terry has been off of work for a while.  Since he did not begin the third trimester of grad school, he has had free time until his SSG group began.  So we have been making the most of it with lunch dates.  Luckily, Newport restaurant week also fell in that time frame.  We had a lovely lunch at Castle Hill-delicious food!

My other sister got nothing

Timmy brought home some school work.  It was a free write.  And it cracked me up!

The very last line:  My other sister got nothing.  Priceless.  

Laser tag party

The next day, we took Emilie and five friends to Laser Tag to celebrate her birthday.  Gotta say that the place was super sketchy from the outside.  A creepy looking warehouse and we had to ride a scary elevator to the top floor.  Once inside, I was reassured but I was wondering what had I done up until that point!

We have implemented a new birthday policy.  The child either gets a party with friends or they can opt to not have a party or a home party where no money is spent and receive presents from mom and dad.  Birthdays are getting too expensive to do both!
In between games, they played video games.   I will just take a moment to say that I was the supreme Laser Tag winner:)  Both times:)
After the gaming was done, we played black light miniature golf.  We let the kids go ahead and it was a battle between Terry and me.  He won as usual:)
The very last part of the golfing was walking through this tunnel.  Made you sick!  The lights moved in a circular pattern and made you feel like you were moving as well.  You really had to hang on to those railings to continue moving forwards.  The kids loved it.  Emilie really had a good time and a happy birthday!

Emilie is 12

Our Emilie turned 12 this year!  Cannot believe my baby is that old.  Her last year before teenage-dom.

She is truly a joy!  Extremely kind, caring, intelligent, sensitive, creative, loving.  Recently I have also seen her developing into an assertive young lady who fights for what she believes in.  Emilie is a remarkable young woman and it is our privilege to be her parents!