Monday, February 8


And through it all, we keep working out!  I rarely take my shirt off when I work out but it was so hot, it came off.  And I learned that I look like an insect!  Look at those abs.  Haven't taken my shirt off since this picture either.  Eek!

The tree!

Before I knew it, it was time to put up the Christmas tree!  Kids definitely got into it.  I loved watching Madi in particular.  Every time she would unwrap an ornament to put on the tree, she would tell us about the memories she had associated with it. It was a bittersweet moment for me.  But I am happy that the tradition of remembering our good times continues with her:)


Before Deacon left town to return to Hawaii, Phil, Shaun, and I were able to meet him for dinner.  It was so nice to visit again!  Sometimes I dream of being able to have all of the wonderful people I have met and love get together and be neighbors.  These guys would definitely be included in that group!!!  

Lauren and Deacon

 We had a spectacular group of athletes a year ago who all worked out at 530am.  We were good friends as well and dubbed ourselves the Dirty 530.  Deacon and Lauren became a couple and were living together in Hawaii.  They surprised us all and decided to get married just after Thanksgiving!  Six of us were able to be there together again!
I really love these people.  Good, kind, fun!  Was a lovely night getting to visit again!
Lauren made a beautiful bride and Deacon was so handsome!  I really loved watching him look at her so adoringly:)  It was a wonderful wedding!
 Fun photo booth with the dirty 530!
 Wish I was a better model and poser!  
Think we were falling over when this was taken!  Such a fun wedding!


 Thanksgiving was rather quiet this year.  We had Maggie and Josh over with their kids.  
 But these guys were happy it was small.  They got to sit at the adult table!
 I love living here in a military community.  I have made such wonderful friends.  Beautiful people who will always be a part of my life.  I am so grateful for them!
Some post dinner wrestling!
 And the kids in their true states-addicted to technology!
 As the night wore on, Josh got super cuddly:)  
And our guest of honor-Soukie!

Turkey Throwdown

 I judged the Turkey Throwdown for the second year running.  It was a lot of fun!
 We had a lot of athletes that I knew and I enjoyed judging them;)  Not sure that they liked me so much as a judge.  I held some high standards and was definitely cursed out for no rapping.  But I have integrity and would not be swayed by friendship to be more lenient!
 Had a fantastic time!  At the end of the day, I was also awarded an award for being the best judge.  I felt very honored:)  Was a fabulous day!


We had a very early birthday party for Tim this year.  He had several friends who would be moving and so we took advantage and partied!  He had a Super Smash Brothers tournament for the second year running.  Tim was the repeat champion!  They played a lot of fooseball and some running game and in general made A LOT of noise!  As well as ate A LOT of food!  Wouldn't have it any other way though.  Tim loved his party and had a fantastic time!

The color!

Marine Corps ball

 We went to the Marine Corps ball with Shana and Garret, and Josh and Maggie.  It was such an amazing time!  I was so happy to finally get Shana and Garrett to a ball!
 These two women are incredible friends and it was so nice to have a night out with them!
Have to admit that I love the official ceremony.  I like the pride and tradition of the Marines.  Makes me feel like I am a small part of something bigger.
Fabulous food!  
 It makes my night when Garret dances!  Absolutely love it!  
And of course, the night is not complete without a Quad picture and a little chair dancing.  We had such a fabulous night!


Still loving crossfit!  Fun early morning workout with this crew!