Friday, September 19


The kids got on so well together.  Do not remember any fighting:)

The little guys really liked Timmy and he was so tolerant with them!  Just let them play with him.  Timmy is such an easy going kid.  Think I'll keep him.

Lots of fishing-Em even caught one!
Manly men chilling on the dock.  Was so nice and peaceful just sitting out there.
My boy and me:)  And my mom snorkeling with Em.  There were so many fish down there!
All of the kids got really good at throwing the line out.  And they loved it.
I just loved watching everyone swim and being together.  That right there is what the week is about.
When I visited Vermont, we went to an apple store and they had a huge store of hard ciders so I bought two to try out.  But I saved them for this week.  Ce and opened them and sadly they were disgusting!  I was so disappointed!  My dad enjoyed them though:)
I love tired cuddly girls with my dad.  I love that my kids know my parents and look forward to spending this week with them and visiting them.  It is so important to know your family!  I am glad that we make the effort every year.  May the tradition continue always!

Evening boat ride

An evening boat ride was in order on this beautiful night.  We all hopped on and went out!

The ladies!
I loved this picture.  Although Ce hated it.  I think we look beautiful!
And my Robin!  Miss her already.
Kids were all ready to get on that raft.  Such cute little kids.  I love their ages!  Perfect season of life. They had a blast-even with Timmy getting thrown off.  It may have been on purpose;)
All weekend Ce had this theory that if she propped her arm up just right, she would look super thin.  Well, it absolutely worked.  But then again-she is stunning anyway you photograph her!
Me and my Emi-boo!
Love that Jennette and Scott always come with us to beach week.  They are family as well:)


Robin and Steve made a fantastic Mexican dinner on their night to cook and had a make your own Sunday bar afterwards that was a huge hit.

Kids were overjoyed to be able to have so many fun toppings. And bonus-there were leftovers!
I just loved how everyone got along.  Love having my friends and family together!
Look at those smiles!  Best week of the year hands down!

Day 3

My little carriage house turned out to be the perfect place for my dad and Scott to play their guitars.  They had a dedicated space to be as loud as they wanted and we didn't hear it!  Win-win!

The ladies!  Family:)
The kids were fish.  Emilie got the snorkel and just swam all day.  Often it would take us a few minutes to find her because she was underwater so much and could not hear us to respond.  I love that the kids were in the water so much.  Normally at the beach, they are split between the pool and the beach.  It was so nice to have just one option and everyone was together.
And for those who did not like to swim-they fished!  Scott, Scott, and Jennette fished constantly.
I did not fish.  I enjoyed watching the others do it.  I liked the water.
Stole a few moments by myself and relaxed on the raft.  Almost slept it was so nice!  Got my mom to come out as well:)  Was quite the process to get a picture together though.  Lots of rope throwing and pulling:)  But we did it!  

Thursday, September 18


We always have game time at the beach.  Better than watching TV all day long.

Steve and Robin introduced us to a new game you play with your phone and it was super fun!  Everyone got into it and it was easy enough for the kids to join in.  Loved it!
Again-the dinner gang minus me:)  Love that Scott was respectfully waiting for the prayer and everyone else is smiling!  So devout:)
I think every night the kids swam till late.  Was nice to let them get their fill of the water.
After the last swim for the night, we came back up to play more games.  There was a charade portion and Steve and I were particularly good at it so we were chosen to act out a lot of the clues.  Unbeknownst to me, Timmy was right beside me and I clocked him pretty hard with my elbow.  Poor guy was distraught.  Good thing nana was there to love him;)
Meanwhile, the girls were making a big mess in the master bathtub.  Bubbles were everywhere.  They had a fantastic time in their bubble bath.  Nana, however, was less than pleased.

Miller time!

Robin, Steve, Lauren, and Katiana came to spend two days with us on the lake.  It was marvelous to see them again!  
Steve loved the boat and became quite the boat captain:)
I was super content to just sit and chat with Robin!  Seriously love this woman to death!
After we let the kids get some fun on the raft, Robin and I took a go.  I think they were out to kill us!  They went so fast that you really had to hold on.  They looked for the wakes and did their best to make us fall off.  Poor Robin did!
It really was a lot of fun though!
I had am much more peaceful ride with the girls.  Although, truth be told Madi wanted the speed!
Loved that Madi was reunited with her Lauren:)  They were inseparable!
And yet they all played so well together in the water. They hardly came out-like little fishes.
It was so nice to be able to relax on the dock while the kids swam.  And I had my friend to keep me company!  


We took the kids out for a ride on the raft first thing the next morning.  And they loved it!  Madi especially.  They really liked it when they caught air like in the picture:)

They could have stayed out there on that thing for hours!
And we took them out again in the afternoon and later in the evening.  They could  not get enough!
It was also fun to tie the rafts to the dock so we didn't lose them.  Kids loved climbing on them and using them as diving boards or to just mess around on.  It was a natural location for playing king of the hill!
Or just taking a rest.  Think all of us sunbathed/napped on a raft at least once.  Was so nice and calm!
Or at least it was until the long range water guns came out.  Timmy was notorious for getting everyone when you least expected it.  I think  more than once we took a group revenge out on him!