Monday, October 13

Birthday party!

After the race,  we all gathered together for Cameron's birthday party.  It was super fun!
They were taught the proper stances to shoot from.  Timmy was all into it!
They had target practice which the girls happily helped out with.
Emilie and Kerry ran wild and enjoyed more time together!
Did I mention how fabulous Dawn is?
And a Terry and me selfie!
Was an absolutely phenomenal day.  It is gorgeous here.
I was able to witness just how bad my kids table manners are firsthand.  Did I correct him?  No.  After cake, they all went outside with the dads and played a very long game of capture the flag and nerf wars.  Hard to say who enjoyed it more-the kids or the dads!
Those kids were wiped out at the end of the day!

Sanity chase

Sunday morning a bunch of us from the Fort ran a four mile Sanity Chase Run.  I signed the girls up and we had an absolutely fabulous time!

Wasn't sure how the kids would do, but they took off running and never looked back!
Here is the group of us who ran it together.  That morning was so cold and windy!
Luckily, they had music playing, so the kids and I jumped right in to dance to keep warm!
Now these will get a little jumbled but work with me:)  We had several obstacles to go through.  The first was a quick paddle board into the bay.  They had us go on our knees because it was so windy.
Madi and I stuck together while Kerry and Emilie left us behind!
Em and Kerry crushed the rock climbing wall!
After the paddle boarding, Madi and I stuck together.  I was so proud of her!  We did a run walk for a while but she never gave up and really pushed through.  And it was nice to have some Madi/mommy time!
The tricycle was probably the hardest obstacle!  They are so tiny!
Madi and I crushed the climbing wall.  I felt like a spider-scaled it super quick.  After I came down, Madi deserted me!  Took off to finish the race without me.
I stayed with Betsy and finished it out.  
 I had a blast running the race with the girls!  I think I may have them hooked in that they will do it again!
And they were really pleased that they got a swag bag afterward.  Chocolate really makes them happy!

Impromptu neighborhood party!

Four of us families were supposed to go up for a USO soccer game up at Gillette Stadium.  However, heavy rain was expected so we all wimped out and stayed home but decided to have an impromptu gathering.  We went out and got Thai food for the adults and the kids had pizza.

We crammed all of the kids in one room, men gathered around the football games, and we ladies took the table.  It was so fun!  After everyone ate, the kids all dispersed.  Was fantastic.  The girls went to my house, the boys went to Shana's and we had a house full of adults at Dawns!
I absolutely adore these women!  They have quickly become my closest friends:)  Indeed, we now have a name for the four families because we are always together-we are the Quad:)
After a while, we shifted houses and invaded Shana's.  Each family has a different college team that they support and they have bought the packages to be able to watch their teams.  So after Michigan lost much to Dylan's dismay, we headed to Shana's to watch her Longhorns win.  Was such a fun night!  I absolutely love these neighbors.  In a very short amount of time, we have become family:)


We were able to watch Emilie's best friend Kerry, and her brother Thomas for the weekend.  Absolutely made Emilie's day!  It began at the soccer fields and they watched Madi and Tim's games with us and then we were able to have a quick lunch together.
Emilie was SO happy!
Here are all six of them at Five Guys for a quick lunch.  Loved how excited they were to see each other!

And I got to see my Linda as well!  Always fun to meet up with a good friend!

Cameron birthday cupcakes

So I sort of have a job.  I watch Shana's son Cameron after school now.  It is easy and I don't even feel like I should be getting paid as most days he comes and drops his bags, eats a quick snack, and then I don't see him again until Shana is home.  Easiest job ever.
Cameron's birthday was right after school began, so being the awesome babysitter I am, I made a ton of cupcakes for all of the kids to share after school.  Was a big hit!

Weekend fun

We have been having such a fun time living in our neighborhood.  One family has turned their back patio into an extra room so to speak.  They have an external heater, a TV hooked up, and a large amount of chairs.  So it seems like every Friday night, we have been gathering out there to hang out.  It is so fun!  There is on average ten of us or so and it is the best situation.  You walk over, the kids play outside or at each other's houses while we all drink and talk.  It is so fun!

The kids also have been making the most of begin outdoors.  They have a fort they have made on the hill near our house-Winter Fort.  All of them have been reading the Warrior series about cat clans and so they have started their own clans.  They have mock battles, gain and lose territory, and just have an all round great time.  And then they come home covered in filth.  I am so tired of cleaning dirt off of the walls, floors, and clothes.  However, I absolutely love that the kids are outside all day and are using their imaginations.  I'll deal with the dirt to keep them out there playing!

Soccer begins!

Madison and Tim both joined soccer teams again this fall.  The league is a bit different than what we are used to and the kids were not pleased in the beginning.  
The fields are much smaller and Tim being in the 6-8 age group (he was in the 8-10 last season) only plays with four on the field and no goalie.  Needless to say he thought it was a joke.  However, there is something to be said for being one of the best on the team.
Madi has been playing offense and defense.  She prefers to be on defense but is an all around solid player.
Tim is also a really good player.  Does not matter where he plays, he gives it his all out best effort.
And he is a runner.  He could run the entire game if need be!  His energy does not slow down!
This picture was Timmy's first goal!  He was so excited.  I love to watch how he celebrates.  Often it is a hand pump in the air.  He is so cute!  I need to catch it on video:)

And don't be fooled by Tim's dramatic face, the boys love soccer!  Terry has been especially helpful with taking the kids to their practices during the week.  Makes my life so much easier and I really think he enjoys being involved.  Next step is to get Terry coaching!

Sunday, October 12

School begins!

And before we knew it, it was the first day of school!  Kids were ecstatic to be back in school.

Madi began 4th, Tim is a 2nd grader, and Emilie is in 6th grade!

Team Dead bug!

On a whim, we had a Labor Day BBQ and had Eric from my team Deadbug Mudder team come over.  It was really nice to see him again and I think he appreciated a home cooked meal after being in the hotel for so long!  Was a nice reunion!

We took him on a little tour of the neighborhood and caught a beautiful sunset.  I don't think I will ever tire of that view!