Tuesday, November 11

Navy Ball

After many years of asking, I finally got Terry to take me to a Navy Ball!

First off had to get the hair done.
And then the obligatory pictures.
We were lucky that a neighbor and professional photographer was outside and snapped some pics!
Originally, we had hoped to go to the ball with a bunch of our friends but it turned out it was just us:)
And off we went!
Our selfie near the bridge.  The ball was at the Officer Club.
My fellow cross fit coach, Elissa, was also at the ball.  She was the only one we knew!
Terry and I were so hungry waiting for dinner.  I think we were the very last table served!
And Terry was the best sport ever!  They had a really good band and we danced for quite a while.  It was super fun!
Elissa, John, and us as we were headed out.
We had a really nice time.  And a fantastic by-product of the ball is that I had fabulous hair for the next day!

Cross country meet

Emilie has really done a great job this season on her cross country team.

She has consistently placed in the top three for her school and near the top at every meet.
Best part of it all is that she really loves it!  Terry and I are very happy to see that she is active and involved in a sports team.  We are very proud of her!

Working lady

After many hoops to jump through, I am now technically working.  I have begun substituting at the local elementary and junior high schools.  I really enjoy it.  PE by far is my favorite to sub for or for the junior high.

I did half a day with the first graders and thought that I may lose my mind.  They all simultaneously needed water, the bathroom, or the nurse.  I could not keep them quiet either!  I was put to shame near the end of the day when a student teacher came in and had them whipped into obedience in seconds.  To my credit, I had no idea what methods the teacher used for discipline nor what the school did in general.  I admit I was out of my league.  I would rather just stick with the older kids:)
That day also I must not have been thinking.  For I wore two different shoes to school!  At least my pants were long enough that you really could not tell.  But by the end of the day, my feet hurt so badly!  Not wearing those shoes again!

Weightlifter course

When I finally arrived in Portsmouth, NH, I found this restaurant.  Cracked me up.  A mexican/burgers place with a delivery truck with a burger on it!  Priceless!

The next day I began the Olympic lifting coaching seminar.  We spent 8 hours the first day learning how to teach the snatch.  For 8 hours we learned and we never once took the bar from the ground to overhead.  I never realized the level of difficulty involved nor how much technique there was to learn.  Was a bit overwhelming.
I did get to meet this fabulous man-Coach Burgener.  He is the founder of the Crossfit Olympic lifting program.  I adored him!  He was a marine and ran the seminar as if we were his troops.  He was motivating, funny, intelligent, skilled, and attentive.  I loved him!  Absolutely brilliant man.  I was lucky that he was there to teach our class as he is not at every Olympic lifting seminar.  So happy he was at mine!
And just like that I am now a certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach.  Woohoo!


I had a weightlifter class coming and so I decided to meander my way up to New Hampshire.

I am so glad that I did!  The leaves were so beautiful.
I just followed the compass and headed north trying to stay off of the highways.
I found beautiful lakes.
And ponds.
And hiking paths.
And gorgeous fall colors.  They were almost at their peak.
I took about six hours to get up to NH.  It was super peaceful and relaxing and I got to see such beautiful little towns on the way.  Was so very nice!


The other day as I was walking into our closet, I felt a sting. Turns out that a bee stung me.

Bad news is that I became super swollen.  Like we had to start marking it with a pen swollen
I ended up going to the doctor and it was determined that I am allergic to bee stings
After huge doses of benadryl and a few other steroids, the swelling finally went down.  Thank goodness!  But now I am scared of bees!

Beaver tail

We had such an unusually warm weekend that the kids and I headed over to Beavertail for the afternoon.

Got the kids doing pistols!  Future cross fitters for sure!
They are getting so big!
Love that girl!
The babies and me:)
Little man!
Was such a gorgeous day!


We have been having beautiful weather for soccer.  Madison was chosen to play goalie for the first half of her game.  She was not particularly enthusiastic about it but did her best.  It was a tough team that they played and Madi let five goals past her.  She was pretty upset and as her parents it was hard for us to watch.  Fortunately, the second half her team played really well.  Madi scored twice!  Once on offense and another on defense.  She had a fantastic game!

Timmy also was a power house.  It is fun to watch him play as he goes all out.  Sprints every time.  Rushes to the ball every time as if the game depended on it.  And once again he scored.  Was a great soccer day!
There is Timmy rushing past the opponent and he scored!
Meanwhile, since Madi was done with her game, she decided to decorate my hair.  Looking pretty good if you ask me:)

Fun Friday

I know I talk all of the time about how great our neighborhood is but it truly is!  Seems like every Friday night we are getting together.  I adore these people!  They have become family!

Student of the month

Timmy received the student of the month award for his class.  He is a super well behaved boy and is always helping his teacher.  I was happy I got a call and was able to be there and watch him get his award.  He was so proud!