Monday, October 22


Timmy had to do his homework and he drew a picture of me. Although I really do hope I do not look like that-it is a bit demented:). And then we have emi's birthday and Christmas wish list. I love how she described some as 'always optional' and in one she told us to look it up online. Such a smartie! I love them both so much! Definitely keepers!


Anonymous said...

oohh you are beautiful Ryann ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love it! I see that Emi wrote down oil pastels first. She's just such a gift - - perhaps we can make that happen, right mom? but I have to see there is some resemblance in Timmy's rendering . . . something about the eyes . . . ?


Liz said...

What are you talking about? That pic looks just like you...really, just kidding.