Sunday, November 11

Heart monitor

Strange picture I know.  But this is the bottom of my heart monitor.  If you follow the wires up my shirt, you will see that they are all connected to electrodes on four different locations on my chest.  I also get a nifty phone that can be no more than ten feet away from me to constantly monitor my heart and send the data to the collection center. Let me just tell you how itchy, inconvenient, and annoying this thing is!?!  I have to wear it for 21 days while they monitor my heart due to some palpitations that I had a few weeks ago.  Hopefully, it will all be for nothing and I will just be told how wonderfully fabulous my heart is.  However, I am really not looking forward with trying to get through airport security this week with this thing on!  Did I mention that everyone is looking at my funny now?  Had some very strange looks at church this morning:)