Saturday, December 22

White Elephant

Our White Elephant party was the day after the deadly attacks in Connecticut.  I have had a really hard time processing the violence especially because the children were the same age as my Timmy.  I had been crying and thinking about all of those parents going into empty rooms at night and having to imagine a Christmas without their precious babies.  I was not in the mood at all to host a party.

But I am glad that we did because it turned out to be a lot of fun!  Although, I did not get off to the best start.  Terry and I had decided to move the time of the party earlier because we invited kids this year as well (now the kids did not have to sneak the food but were invited in:).  I began to get the fondues ready when the doorbell rang!  I thought the party began a full half an hour later!  So as the guests arrived they were thrown into the melee and had to help get it ready!  I think it actually turned out to be a good ice breaker.
For the first time ever, Terry and I did not win the game and did not have last pick for the gift exchange.  Michelle was too good to beat!  We had a blast with the families we invited-they were so much fun!  Hopefully, we will be able to have more fun evenings with them.