Friday, March 22


Terry received an email this week informing him that he was accepted to the Naval War College!  We are really happy for him as this has been our goal for a really long time.  It was a bit surprising to hear in March though, as we were told we would need to wait until May to get the results of the selection board.  And then the bad news hit.  Terry has been selected for the February 2014 class.  This is not what we were expecting at all.  We had been told that he was a lock for the October class.  Moving mid-school year in the middle of winter to Rhode Island is not what we had hoped for in the least.  Terry did try to get the class moved up but to no avail.  I am not thrilled for the kids.  They will move in January this year and again in December of next year giving them three schools in under two years.  Not ideal especially when you think that Emilie will be in sixth grade year after next and depending on where you live that is either middle school or elementary school.  That is a difficult age to be pulled out of school to be the new kid especially when she is shy.  So we are not thrilled with the timing at all.  But it is great that he is going to have a year devoted to being a student.  He will be home and should have considerable time off.  We will also get to spend a full summer in New England and I am already researching places to visit.  So come January next year, we will be on the move again.


Jo Waters said...

Congratulations Terry! That is great! It will be hard for the kids... but you are great parents - you will get them through it! x

Holly said...

Block Island needs to be on your list. It is ADORABLE! We took a ferry over just for the day, played at the beach, got lunch right on the beach (I had fish and chips...but the fish was shark), had delicious ice cream and caught the ferry back to Newport. It was a great day!

Once you get there I'll pass along some restaurant favorites. :)