Sunday, August 18


Next, we headed to the lake to take a paddle boat ride, o, more aptly named make mom work out!

We were all so happy exploring, looking at herons, enjoying the water. 
And then it started to sprinkle. And then the rain got harder and harder. 
But there was no thunder or lightening so we stayed out just a tad bit longer until madi had had enough. 
We got back to the dock, all the while the rain just came down harder and harder. 
Me and Tim loved the rain while Madison and I took shelter with some fishermen in a gazebo. It was there we learned that this was just the mildest of the next three incoming storms. The next one would hit in an hour and it was going to be huge. There were severe thunderstorm warnings for the area. And more would be coming in overnight. So when the rain stopped, I asked the kids what they wanted to do. None of them wanted to stay in our tent overnight thru a storm. So we went back and packed up. Good thing as our campsite was flooded after only one rain storm. About ten minutes after we left, a huge thunderstorm hit. Skies were black, thunder, lightening, torrential rains, it was really scary-I was not comfortable driving faster than 10 mph. It rained horribly all night long. Although, we left camping early, it was the right call. Besides, I think the pool was the kids favorite part. I would rather camp out in a hotel room and let them swim all day than in a tent. But we had a good time nevertheless and now my kids can say that they have gone camping!