Monday, October 14


The other night, we got a knock on the door from a concerned passerby who informed us that a large snake had just slithered into our yard.  We thanked him and collected flashlights to go investigate.

The snake was huge!  Easily four feet, maybe longer.  And since we know nothing about snakes (except all of them in AZ are bad and have diamond shaped patterns), we had no idea if this was a friendly snake or not.  Although being super outdoorsy types like us (not!), we did not know what to do.  Add that our go to guy of my dad was at a wedding where we could not call him, we did the next best thing and called our super manly neighbor to come out and help.
And help he did.  Between Terry bashing the thing with a shovel and our neighbor stabbing it with a nine foot pole and then cutting its head off with a machete, the snake went down.  I was relieved as I did not relish the thought of a huge snake lurking in my yard somewhere-dangerous or not.  Turns out that it was a rat snake and was pretty harmless.  Unless you consider that it traps and squeezes its food and then you think about our dog who is not much larger than a rabbit.  So yes, I am glad that it is dead.

Timmy and Emilie, however, were distraught.  Poor Em cried for a long, long time and I ended up holding her until she fell asleep.  She has such a tender heart!  

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Jo Waters said...

Snakes - one of the reasons I'm glad I live in England! Hope you are all well xxxx