Sunday, January 26

Snow day

Turns out that Kailey LOVES the snow!  She likes to run in it, roll in it, dig in it.  I was afraid that she would be cold and made her wear her coat. But she did not seem bothered at all by the temperatures.  Indeed, after walking her, she would scratch at the door to go back out in it!

The kids also were excited to go out.  The first time, they lasted all of ten minutes.  When they returned, they complained about how cold it was.  So the next time they went out, I outfitted them to make sure that they would be warm enough.  Em was not happy about it but later admitted that she was not as cold!
Emilie spent a good part of the day on this hill with her friend.  Up and down for about an hour at a time.  Then she needed to come in, get warm, and out again they would go.
Madison tried the  hill and found that she much preferred to try and build a snowman.  But the snow was so dry that it was too difficult to accomplish.  She enjoyed being out though.  And Timmy and Terry never left the house.
I took the dog out for a good walk.  After you are moving, it did not seem so cold.  I took pictures of the snow so I could remember how much it looked like sand.  Can you see how the wind made layers?  As I was walking, the snow also settled oddly.  In some places I fell thigh deep in the snow.  In others, the snow barely covered the grass.
Here is a picture of how deep the snow got.  I had to walk through this and ended up on my elbows and knees to get through it.  Otherwise, I just kept falling in up to my nether regions.  Then my jeans got wet and I got cold.  I had planned on getting everyone proper snow pants, boots, etc., but the snow came upon us so quickly that I did not get the chance.  But everyone out here has them!  Good reason to-you need it out there!
I found Em on the hill with her friend.  She had so much fun out there!  Makes me think we need to take a proper holiday to a ski resort.  :)